Quartzite has become increasingly popular because of its hardness and acid resistant properties, It is a highly durable surface, it's not indestructible. Suitable for most demanding...
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Quartzite, Granite, Marble,

Semi-Precious Stones etc.

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LuxStone has coopertated with 8000+ project owners in 200+ countries for 25 years.

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Lux Stoneworks specializes in uniquehigh-quality Quartzite, Italian marble, architectural elements and serves architecture and design professionals as well as the luxury retail community.

We offer exclusive continually- evolving stocked collections and specialty items, with custom sizes, colors and finishes-all at a very competitive price point.

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LUX STONEWORKS sell materials full of energyand elegance, capable of creating an absolute trending atmosphere of vibrating beauty in any environment: from private houses to hotels, from luxury boutiques to interior architecture.

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LUX Stoneworks is your ONE-STOP OUTLET for all your stone needs, right from basics to exotic stones, from natural stone to engineered stone, we have them all.

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Get in contact with LUX StoneWorks to get exquisite natural titanium granite, calacatta marble, decoration materials.

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